Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine DIY party!

There have been some pretty spectacular DIY's on the interwebs lately! It's kind of like an online Valentine's party and these are the gifts! Here's a list of my favorites:

Crack the Sky's lovely glitter headband! Eep! I can't wait to make one for Valentine's!:

Creature Comforts Valentine Luminaries video DIY:

Smile and Wave's arrow garland:

Here's lookin at me kid's men's shirt into a pretty skirt:

And here are some freebies just for fun!

Kate Spade E-cards! Cute and colorful! And free!

Matchbook Magazine which I posted about the other day!

And another online magazine, Motif

It's almost here so hop to it!Oh and if you have any DIY's to share please leave me a comment!


UPADTE I found another cute tute (hehe)

Lovely Indeed's I Love You garland



Veronica said...

Eeep! There's my glittery face! :-D
Thanks for posting my headband! :)


Alex said...

I love your DIY! I am making one this weekend! I was inspired by your glitterness and bought some at Michael's the other day.

HuskiessayWHAT! said...

I Like the Headband!!

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