Thursday, February 17, 2011

new shoes and my hope for a better outfit future

I bought a pair of shoes yesterday and I think they are adorable. When I saw them they instantly reminded me of these. She is a major major fashion inspiration for me.

I am trying to incorporate more dressy things into my wardrobe instead of my normal jeans and shirt or blouse, necklace, cardigan, rings and ponytail/headband I do most days of the week. When I'm in the store I have to force myself to buy less casual things. I have to ask myself too if certain things will make at least 2 outfits. This is how I justify spending money. This keeps me from making impulse purchases too.

What do you think?

These shoes have awesome outfit potential! I think they can be dressed up or down and they aren't too dressy. They are me-dressy haha

I have been looking at blogs that post outfits pics and trying to figure out how to do new things with my clothes that I already have. I swear I have no idea what I'm doing really. That's why I have never done an outfit post. Maybe I'll get better at dressing cute/dressy and actually do an outfit post!

Cute outfits with (the same or almost identical) update the exact same clogs:

Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo! 



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