Thursday, February 24, 2011

lazy day

My bestie Marissa came to the other side of the city to hang out with me for the day.  I need a day to do nothing every once in a while. Plus my belly hurts today. Like really bad.  I made my mom's recipe for minestrone (YUM) and we're watching Community.  I have never seen it before and so far, I love it. It's so funny! My favorite character so far is Abed. Everyone is really good on the show though.

Today is a good day ♥



Morgan said...

I love Abed. Honestly if they just gave him and Troy a show together I would watch it all day long.

Alex H said...

I was telling someone today that if they took all the Abed and Troy segments and made a dvd of just that, I would buy it. I love them!

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