Friday, February 25, 2011

colorway friday

colorway friday is here! This week, in honor of the giveaway I won, the color will be tangerine

I like this picture a lot. Her dress is so cute. The heart garland is so sweet. 

Love this movie. LOVE. 

Light leak.

I want it to be summer again so I can drink delicious icy fruit beverages again. 

I wish I had a set of these in my living room. 


Alexander McQueen butterflies. Lovely. 

I've always liked this picture.

Look at that! Another tangerine Andy Warhol quote :)

I wish I had the cajones to dye my hair like this (and like Clem's up there^)

One of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, Tangerine (remember it at the end of Almost Famous?)

What are your favorite tangerine things?


Veronica said...

Pretty! Tangerine definitely makes me think of warme weather...which I can really appreciate right about now. ;)

Morgan said...

Oooh! Such good picks. Love all the tangerine.

Alex H said...

I could use some warm weather too! It snowed here last night. Blech

Thanks, Morgan! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

super joys for you on that stellar win lades! i love that print and it looks awesome in the frame with mini apothecary world.

magic inclusion of eternal sunshine, that's some clever sourcing right there! mr. warhol sure had a way with words, those quotes are brilliant.

i really heart tangerine gerber daisies and darling kittehs. happy weekend wishes to you, sure hope the weather warms up ova theah. ♥

Alex H said...

Lynn, you always leave me the sweetest comments :) they make me smile.
I love daisies too! And of course, kittehs! Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

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