Thursday, February 10, 2011

blonde on blonde

I'm bored with my hair...I'm thinking about going blonde! My ultimate blonde inspiration is Michelle Williams. She is the best! SO pretty, talented and a seemingly down-to-earth good person. She also has some pretty amazing hair. She does that messy bedhead hair perfectly as well as messy chic updos and such. I am trying to grow my hair out right now and I'm in a weird stage where I wear my hair up everyday because it grows faster in back (am I the only one?) So, I think doing something different would be good for me. Here are some great pics I'm using as inspiration. I might just be taking one into the hair salon soon!

Look, I was born a little blondie :)

On a related side note, have you ever seen this movie? It's SO cute! Here's a little video for proof:

and another cute one just for fun:

have a happy Thursday!


Veronica said...

Do it!! I've been thinking about going blonde for a while, but I'm terrified of dying my hair - I love my natural color! Plus my skin is so pink, I'm afraid I'd end up looking ridiculous haha

So, you should go blonde, and I'll live vicariously (as a blonde) through you. ;)

lavelle said...

Ah Michelle Williams always looks great, I love her hair xx

Alex said...

Veronica, I'll allow it :) and I don't think you would look ridiculous at all!

Lavelle, I agree. I think she could pull absolutely anything off. She has such range with her looks and her acting.

Jessi said...

if I looked like her I would consider going blonde lol

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