Sunday, February 13, 2011


We got a new kitteh! Her name is Sadie. She is 2 years old, really calm, sweet and playful. We like her a lot! Her and Gizmo (our other cat) are not getting along at the moment but they will sort it out soon.

Here is the newest addition to our family:

Her name comes from this Joanna Newsom song ♥

happy Sunday!


Veronica said...

Awwww! She's so cute! Love her name AND that song! Great namesake :)


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe alex, i just found your blog and have been totally checking it out. i love your content! but had to comment here b/c the boyf & i have 2 cats also and the older one's named gizmo!!!

when we brought home little mylo several months ago it was like the war of the worlds. here's hoping they feel the love soon lades. sadie is a sweetie & i see you've clipped her claws, good deal. we made a mistake and didn't, still have the scars - geesh.

oh & those adorable little turtles you rescued are too cute. cheers to everyone getting along. ♥

Alex H said...

thanks! my what a change it has been with these two kitties since Sunday. they were actually in a room together today! that's progress! :)

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