Tuesday, March 8, 2011

planning my spring break

I am making a list today of all the things I want to do over spring break.

1. I am going to clean and organize my house. Especially my kitchen and crafty room. I also need to go through boxes and donate lots of things. Not so fun but it will be really nice to have a clutter free home. I found some pictures online for inspiration.

2. Take an overnight trip with my man to Madison and/or Milwaukee! I LOVE Madison! I might finish school there which is so exciting! I have never been to Milwaukee but I have a good friend from there and she only has good things to say about it.

The terraces in Madison are so pretty!

Our favorite place to eat in Madison!

That weird looking building on the water is Milwaukee's art museum!

3. Have a spa day! I'm going to get a haircut, color, massage, manicure, and pedicure. I'm going with one of my best friends. I can't wait!

I'm thinking about a haircut like this:

and a color like this (I hope I can pull it off!):

4. I'm going to finish reading this series:

and start reading this:

I've been on a young adult kick lately. Hmm...nothing wrong with that!

5. And I'm going to sleep in everyday!

Oh, I hope it's fun!


Be back later with another 'darlings' post!

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