Thursday, March 10, 2011

a little glimpse into my life told in pictures

I have SO many pictures on my phone. I wanted to share a couple of them that say a little about me. Some of them are old and some of them are new.

The restroom door at Bistrot Zinc. Everything there made me swoon

Lover of good wine. 

View from our favorite movie theater. 

I'm a dancing fool. Also, I found out I am very good at flippy cup. Haha oh, college...

Cool Mad Men style bar in Chicago

On my way to NC to see my best friend! It seemed like the whole world was covered in snow. 

Getting my first ever pedicure. Can you tell I didn't know what to expect?

Lake Shore Drive at night. There are few views better than this of the city. 

What is the proper way to drink a rum bucket?

These stairs were like a catch-all for the fall leaves. This is on campus at my school

A homemade felt Krabby Patty I made for a special little girl who loves Spongebob more than I love most things. 

Chocolate covered clementine sections.


Mish said...

The stairs going behind Still! I also love the picture of the krabby patty! oh Delilah! :)

Alex H said...

pickoos!! haha

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