Sunday, March 20, 2011


We're back from our little road trip to Wisconsin! It was so much fun. We did all of the things on our list. Milwaukee is a nice city, very clean, very friendly and easy to navigate. We liked it a lot and we'll probably go back soon. It's only 2 hours away from Chicago so we could go anytime. I would recommend a trip there to anyone! 

Here are some pictures I took with my phone on Friday and Saturday:

We spent $30 on cheese at Mars Cheese Castle! That's a lotta cheese! 

The view from the art museum facing the lake

Sol Le Witt's instructions to the MAM for one of his hand drawn wall works. 

Milwaukee has wonderful architecture. The art museum is Absolutely amazing!

The view from the hotel room. I always love a good view. 

Day view of the river on our way to dinner. 

We ate at this nice German restaurant, Mader's. It was rated the best in Milwaukee. We ate traditional German food and had some beers. It was really yummy. It was kitschy too, in a good way. The menu had pictures of celebrities who had eaten there over the years. They had head shots with handwritten notes from some celebrities. They had Cary Grant! I was in awe of that one :)

The city is so pretty at night with all of the lights.

On the brewery tour, this is where they make the good stuff. 

Coffee stout, SO good!

On the brewery tour, the guide picked two guys to reenact the opening theme from Laverne and Shirley. It was so funny and reminded Doug of this scene from Wayne's World where they visit Milwaukee. 

Wisconsin Love ♥

Spring break is almost over :( I'm sad about it but its back to the real world tomorrow. I have a lot of things to get done today because I put them all off until the last day but everybody does that, right? It was a really, really great break!

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