Thursday, March 17, 2011

busy having fun

I haven't blogged since Monday because I have been super busy. I'm on spring break and it has been wonderful! I have been so busy doing fun things. It's about to get even better because tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going on a road trip to Milwaukee. I'm excited! We're going to load up the car and drive in the morning and stay until Saturday night! We're going to a brewery tour (a must in Milwaukee), eat German food (another must), eat yummy yummy frozen custard, stay in an old hotel and go to the art museum.  I can't wait! Sunday morning I'll be back with pictures from the trip :)

We're going to stop at one of my favorite places on the way there too, Mars Cheese Castle! I LOVE cheese! I couldn't go a day without it.

Some of my favorite cheesy things:

Mmmmm....chhheeeessssseeeee (hahaha)

Happy St. Paddy's Day too! I live in Chicago where people go crazy for it even though most are not Irish. We even dye the river green. I think it's so cool looking.

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