Friday, January 28, 2011

Monday Friday

Ugh today has been crazy! I slept through my alarm and left for my commute to school an hour after I usually leave. I leave around 6:30-6:45. See, living in the city I have to leave especially early so I miss the other morning commuters. I am usually really early for school and I get a prime parking spot and more time to work on reading/other stuff. Not today. I got to school right after my first class started so I had to walk in during. (Embarrasing) Then I realized I walked out of the house in a rush and forgot some stuff I had to turn in. My professor doesn't take late assignments so needless to say I was near tears. He drops the lowest grade so I'll be okay but now I have no safety net. And it's the first real week of classes. UGH

So, I had a discussion section today for a class that is usually at 11 but on Fridays at 12. I got out of that class thinking I had an hour break before the next one at 1. Nope, I walked in 30 minutes late because I realized after I went and bought lunch (forgot my meal at home in the rush out) that it was 1 and I was supposed to be in class. UGH

I finally got to leave school for the week and head home. I stopped to get gas and put some air in my tires. With these cold temps you have to make sure your tires stay well, you know. I was filling my tire up with air when I realized that the hose had a crack in it and what I was actually doing was letting the air out. UGH

I had to get back on the highway driving super slow since now my tire is flat and go to a different gas station to fill up with air because I have a long commute and cannot drive home with a flat. UGH

Needless to say, it feels like a Monday even though it's Friday. I guess it's true that "when it rains it pours" too. Shew, I'm glad that I am finally home cuddled up with my kitty. I'm planning on making some comfort food for dinner and reading a book. Hopefully nothing else bad happens! I hope this means my weekend is going to be super fun! Tomorrow I'm going to MCA with my boyfriend and a friend! To see this show featuring this lovely lady! Here are some sweet darling illustrations by her:

Sorry for the rant. I usually don't complain about the little things but today it just got to me. It will get better *deep breath* right?

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Veronica said...

Ooh I'm so jealous that you get to see that exhibit! Take lots of good pictures so I can see!!

Sorry your day was so least it is really Friday! Have a good weekend!!!


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