Sunday, January 9, 2011

weekend explorer

I went to the Chicago History Museum yesterday with a friend and it was so fun! I learned tons. I got a museum pass from the CPL so we got in for FREE! I love the library system here! I also bought four new books to read in the Museum store and they were all on sale. I will be going back soon because it seems like they have new exhibitions all the time. They have a couple free days now and then too. I LOVE museums. Working in one is my dream job. That or the Library of Congress.

The night before, we went to a really nice restaurant on the north side, Le Colonial. It was so delicious! I will be going there again for sure. The decor was 1920's French Vietnamese. So magical! It's so dark in there though so I couldn't take any pictures.

It was a good weekend! And it's not even over! I love living in this city!

I took all these pictures with my phone too! Pretty good, eh?


Veronica said...

Yayyy, I'm so glad you joined 52 Weeks!! And I'm glad you had a nice weekend...I love museums too! There aren't really any in the town where I live, but I'm so lucky to live within 2 hours of Baltimore and D.C.!


Alex said...

I don't have an Instax camera but I want to see what everyone else posts :)

I used to live in DC and Baltimore and they have wonderful museums! I miss them!

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