Saturday, April 16, 2011


That's me! I have been stocking up on cute shoes for my wardrobe. I am so tired of wearing flats all the time. My wardrobe has certainly become more grown up (read: more dressy) over the past year. I am really happy with all the skirts and dresses that I'll be wearing when the weather gets warmer. I am really into this, getting rid of all my old clothes (even from high school! even!) and starting over with something that's more "me" right now. I want to be excited to wear cute outfits. Not the same old stuff just to be dressed.

Can you believe we might get snow today?? Ugh

Anyway, here are some of my cute shoes from my closet:

I already blogged about these cuties! 

These Calvin Kleins were on clearance for $50 and then 20% off of that! Lucky!

I got these for working out. Love how comfortable they are!

I got these for my trip to Mexico in November :) favorite! I love these! They go so well with brown tights! 

There's your peek into my growing shoe collection. It's kind of an addiction!

PS: Look at all these shoes:

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Veronica said...

Loooove shoes. hehe.
So, funny story. Last week I went out with a group of grad students, and was hanging out with the guy that I like. We'd both had a few drinks, and at some point he looked down at my feet and said "You have a lot of shoes."
My reply? I looked down at my feet, and said (in all seriousness), "No I don't, I only have 2!" took me a few seconds to realize that meant IN GENERAL. Ouch. hahahahaha

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